Friday, December 12, 2008

BIG hugs!

I am sitting here watching my sweet baby sleep and thanking God for blessing me with him!
( Umm, I am talking about Cade not Cory even though I love him too!)
Cade and I have had a rough day and a half because he has been so sick but tonight before I put him to bed he gave me the best hug!

Sidenote: We have been working with him on giving hugs and until tonight they have been kind of random and lacking any real emotion!

OKay, back to the story.....And not just one of those little hugs but a BIG, two arms wrapped around your neck, I love you hug! And in that moment, my heart melted and all of the tears and frustration from the previous 24 hours went away! ( I guess that means later in life I am in big trouble, like if he does something wrong and then follows it up with an I'm sorry mommy and one of those hugs!!!)
I could have never guessed that I could love someone so much.
I think I am learning a little bit about unconditional love and it makes me think how much more God loves us and that blows my mind!!

I remember the day that we were coming home from the hospital with Cade after he was born, I was crying and nervous and wanting to throw up because I didn't know what I was doing and I wasn't sure that I knew how to take care of this little baby! Now,I can't belive that we have made it a whole year and I have only had to call posion control once! Okay twice, but I still say the second stink bug doesn't count!! ( Yes, for those of you who have not heard the story, my son loves to eat stink bugs!!!!! )
Anyway all those nerves are still there every now and then but in those moments like tonight when he just wants his mommy because he doesn't feel good, those nerves melt away! And I thank God for blessing me with an amazing husband and a precious baby who gives the best hugs, especially those BIG hugs!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Yes, it is 1 AM!

Okay, I remember when I was younger and would get sick in the middle of the night and would call my mom's name across the house. And without fail she would come running with a wet bath cloth and no matter how much I vomited on her or on anything else she was there to comfort me and never complained! Mom, I am sorry and don't worry, payback is happening right now! And I don't think that I inherited your none gag reflex!
As you have probally figured out Cade has been throwing up on me for a while now and it is really gross!!! My gag reflexes are nice and strong!!! It possibly could be from the fact that he tried Chinese food for the first time tonight.....I think I am learning my lesson on that one!
But it blows my mind how he can go from screaming and vomiting to laughing and playing with what else but THE CHRISTMAS TREE!!!! Anyway, I am now wide awake, watching noggin and yes, it is 1 AM!

I'm new at this!

So, I am trying my best to figure this blogging thing out but I think I am getting the hang of it.
I think it will be a great way for family and friends to see how the Horton family is doing and to of course hear about my everyday adventure with a one year old. Speaking of Cade he is at this very moment, for the hundreth time, taking all of my decorations off of our Christmas tree. He thinks it is so funny and when I tell him No! well, of course that is funny too!( The No word is a whole nother story!, I'll save it for its own blog!) Anyway, I am kind of excited about being able to write down all of these new memories! So, bare with me cause I am new at this!!!